Friday 11th May 2018 in books

A look back at the Golden Age of Detective Fiction

I am a big fan of detective fiction and recently discussed the genre with some of my friends. The following is adapted from what I wrote in that discussion, and I am publishing it for posterity.

The 1920s and 1930s are termed the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, during which a great number of works from Agatha Christie and her contemporaries were published.

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Thursday 19th April 2018 in books, visual novels, technology

Umineko solution website reimplemented in Markdown and Jekyll

Back in 2014, I created a website to host a friend’s solutions to one of my all-time favourite mystery novels, Ryukishi07’s Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

The original solutions came in plain text, which I wanted to apply formatting to. Not realising there were existing solutions for it, I formatted the files with my own custom tags, and wrote a parser in PHP that would read the files and output the web pages.

The result was acceptable, though not everything was automated, so the process was a little tedious.

Four years later, I am now rather a fan of Markdown and Jekyll, which power this blog. These technologies can make creating static websites a real breeze. I decided to use my newfound knowledge about them to create an improved version of the website I had created before.

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Wednesday 11th April 2018 in meta, technology

Hello, Jekyll Now!

This is an updated version of a previously published post.

Once again, I am attempting to write a blog. I’ve attempted to do so several times before, with varying degrees of success. Here are some of the services I’ve tried, what they did well, and what I didn’t like about them.

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